A leading Global Asset Manager sought to bring their investment operations in-house through the implementation of Aladdin technology, with the goal of enhancing their investment management capabilities, optimising their operations, and improving efficiency. This project required specialist expertise, and the client engaged Core-Asset Consulting to assist them in recruiting a team with the technical skills to successfully execute this.


The client required a specialised team of Aladdin subject matter experts across Business Analysis and Investment Operations, including Cash & Asset Reconciliations, Corporate Actions, Derivatives and Trade Operations. This presented a unique challenge for Core-Asset Consulting. Our team set out to build a team from a limited pool of contractors with Aladdin software experience, as well as the necessary change management skills and operational functionality experience. The project was urgent for the client’s strategic plans, and timeframes were tight.


To overcome these challenges, Core-Asset Consulting devised a strategic and targeted approach, leveraging our industry knowledge and network. We identified key professionals within the financial services sector with relevant Aladdin experience and actively engaged with them to fill the required positions.


Despite the unique requirements and tight timelines, Core-Asset Consulting successfully delivered 126 hires for the client, with 60 of those roles aligned to support the Aladdin implementation project and 66 for business as usual (BAU) roles. Core-Asset Consulting assisted with the end-to-end Aladdin Implementation, from Strategy, Current State & Requirements through to Parallel, Go Live & Support.

"We are delighted with the success of this project. Core-Asset Consulting not only sourced top talent but also ensured a strong cultural and strategic alignment with our company, resulting in very high retention rates after the completion of the project."

Chief Operating Officer


Through this collaboration, the client successfully assembled specialised teams, bolstering their investment management capabilities and achieving their strategic objectives through the implementation of Aladdin technology. The client was delighted with the project's success, which was successful in both the short and the long term, with high retention rates after the completion of the implementation Project.

As the chosen recruitment partner for this project, Core-Asset Consulting is the first and only Edinburgh-based agency to achieve end to end Aladdin technology talent solutions at this scale. At Core-Asset Consulting, we have honed specialised expertise in recruiting for Aladdin Implementation, allowing us to effectively understand and address the unique needs of our clients. Our deep understanding of this niche market, the talent pool, and the associated recruitment strategies means that we are uniquely well-placed to efficiently deliver talent solutions.

Moving forward, Core-Asset Consulting stands ready to support clients in Aladdin recruitment initiatives. We have the expertise to support and guide you through the process to find the best recruitment solutions for your project, whether in BAU operations or in implementation.