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For the last seven years, Core-Asset has produced a Salary Guide for Scotland’s financial services sector.

It has become a barometer for pay scales that are closely monitored by employers and job hunters alike.

It identifies the issues that are important to job seekers and the trends and patterns over the preceding 12 months that are likely to impact businesses.

It is designed to assist clients in setting competitive remuneration levels in the year ahead, as well as helping candidates assess their career path and inform their next move.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your business or enhance your career, we hope you will find this guide of value.

The Key topics across all sectors in this year's salary guide are:

  • The UK & the European Union

  • COVID-19

  • Labour market volatility – hiring havoc

  • Diversity and Equality (links to D&I News release

  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

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