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The best in contract management, aftercare support and payroll services

We also offer aftercare support and payroll services for interim hires, such as PAYE Temporary Workers and Limited Company Contractors, and can accommodate hires from any source, whether directly sourced or via agency suppliers.

Document management and onboarding

We offer digital contract and document management services for permanent and interim hires. This utilises state-of-the-art technology for a fast and efficient process, including document download and upload facilities and a legally-binding electronic signature system.

In addition to this, our highly-trained team are on hand to facilitate the signature of contracts. They can answer any questions applicants have regarding their documentation and help finalise joining details.

This combination of the latest technology supported by readily-available experts ensures the very best applicant journey.

Contract management for interim hires

We provide each client with a full consultation to ensure that, on behalf of the client, the appropriate contracts are in place between the applicant and Core-Asset Consulting.

These contracts reflect the nature of the interim assignment and are in line with regulatory guidelines such as Employment Agencies Act, IR35 tax regulations, Agency Worker Regulations and the Working Time Directive.

In addition, we ensure an appropriate level of insurance exists for each assignment and that all applicants are protected in terms of professional indemnity, employers’ liability and public liability where appropriate.

For interim hires we also offer the following:

a. Aftercare support

Our team are on hand to support client and applicant queries throughout the course of the assignment, including extension management and off-boarding.

We ensure interim hires are contractually bound by a code of conduct as detailed in their contract. This protects our clients in the event of any breaches. Any breaches of contract are managed accordingly by the team at Core-Asset Engage.

b. Payroll services

Core-Asset Engage utilises a flexible, tailored weekly and monthly payroll and payment service for all PAYE Temporary Workers and Limited Company Contractors.

We use an online timesheet system to ensure a smooth and efficient process for clients and workers.

c. Tax legislation

We perform a ‘health check’ on Limited Company Contractors and Intermediaries (Umbrella Firms) ensuring all firms are incorporated in the UK, VAT registered (where appropriate) and comply with UK tax law.

d. Client reporting

Core-Asset Engage provides regular and timely reporting of key client information. This includes vetting updates, contractor population reporting, supplier information and a range of relevant financial reporting.

Third-party supplier management

For either permanent or interim hires, we can work with other agencies and consultancy firms engaged by the client. This ensures applicants are delivered in line with our vetting and contract services model underpinned by robust management information and financial reporting.

This allows us to provide clients with assurance that appropriate governance standards are in place while costs are monitored regardless of source.

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