You’ve taken the plunge and applied for a new job. You’ve been successful and have received an offer. You hand in your notice and are greeted with a persuasive counter offer from your current employer to encourage you to stay. So, now what?

Counter offers aren’t always monetary. They can come in different forms from pay rises to more responsibility.

Weighing up your options and deciding what’s right for you can be hard and it’s important to address the pros and cons when considering a counter-offer.

Rachael O'Neill Associate Director, Investment Operations and Accounting & Finance

Check out our helpful tips on how best to handle when your employer is trying to convince you to stay:

Revisit your reasons for leaving

It’s important to look at the big picture, rather than focusing on short term solutions.

What were your motivations for applying for a new job? Did you not feel valued? Was the work not challenging enough? Did you dislike the company culture? Did you just not feel like a good fit? Sometimes an increase in salary can seem enticing, but these things may not outweigh why you wanted to leave the job in the first place.

Delayed recognition

Being offered incentives to stay is flattering, but it is worth taking into consideration why this is only being offered following your announcement to leave. Was your current salary and benefits reflective of the work and effort you were putting in to your role? Did you feel appreciated?

Consider, would you be better off with an organisation that will help to fulfil your career goals and ambitions or make your work life more enjoyable?

Look at the bigger picture Company culture, flexibility, pension and other benefits are important elements to overall job satisfaction.

It is important to take into account the bigger picture and take a comprehensive look at both roles. Money is not always the main objective and does not always lead to happy working life.

Talk to the experts

Counter offers can be attractive, but is it the right move for you? Consider consulting a recruitment firm or employment expert to talk through your options.

At Core-Asset, our expert team can advise and guide conversations between you, your future employer or your current employer and help make sure you make the right choice for your future.